OSU Webcams – RCRV Taani - Cam 1

RCRV Website: ceoas.oregonstate.edu/ships/rcrv

RV Taani’s bulbous bow is in top right of the view. The shell plate is being added or "straked" on the frames. RV Resolution’s bulbous bow framing is to the left of (and behind) Taani’s. Resolutions Module 22 (Bow Thrusters and Sonar Flat) and Module 31 (Auxiliary Machinery Spaces) inner bottoms are on the platen in the top center. Resolution’s skeg is behind the bulbous bows.

The first RCRV, RV Taani, is now under construction and will be operated by OSU on the West Coast as part of the University-Oceanographic Laboratory System (UNOLS). The second RCRV, RV Resolution, will start construction in summer 2019, is expected to launch in spring 2021 and will be operated by the University of Rhode Island, as part of the East Coast Oceanographic Consortium (ECOC). The third RCRV, whose operating institution has yet to be selected, will start construction in early 2020, and will launch in fall of 2021.

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