OSU Webcams – RCRV Taani - Cam 1

RCRV Website: ceoas.oregonstate.edu/ships/rcrv

RV Taani’s forward hull sections (Modules 31, 22 & 21), main deck and below, are seen in the lower left quadrant, and RCRV #2 lower hull sections of Module 31 and 22) are seen in the upper left quadrant. Module 22 holds both Schottel Bow Thrusters, a drop down unit and a flush jet thruster. It also contains the Sonar Transducer flat. Module 31 contains the centerboard trunk, most of the auxiliary machinery, including HVAC, water, sewage treatment and hotel service equipment. in the upper right, the inner bottom for RCRV #2 Module 32 can be seen. Module 32 contains the Engineroom, Engine Control Room, and Electrical Room.

The first RCRV, RV Taani, is now under construction and will be operated by OSU on the West Coast. The second RCRV, name TBD, is expected to launch in spring 2022 and will be operated by the University of Rhode Island, as part of the East Coast Oceanographic Consortium (ECOC). The third RCRV, RV Gilbert R Mason will start construction in Winter 2020-21and will be operated by the Gulf - Caribbean Oceanographic Consortium, co-led by University of Southern Mississippi and LUMCON. All three vessels will be part of the University-Oceanographic Laboratory System (UNOLS).

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