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RCRV Website: ceoas.oregonstate.edu/ships/rcrv

RV Narragansett Dawn SuperMod (Mod 21,22,31,111,112,113) is own the top half of the frame. It contains the auxiliary machinery spaces, bow thrusters and the sonar flat in the lower portions, the mess deck and galley and garbage room in the upper half, and the deck on top is where the Science berthing compartments are.

The first RCRV, RV Taani, was launched in May of 2023 and is currently pier side getting outfitted in preparation for trials. It will be operated by OSU on the West Coast. The second RCRV, RV Narragansett Dawn, is expected to launch in Fall/Winter of 2023 and will be operated by the University of Rhode Island, as part of the East Coast Oceanographic Consortium (ECOC). The third RCRV, RV Gilbert R Mason has started construction and will be operated by the Gulf - Caribbean Oceanographic Consortium, co-led by University of Southern Mississippi and LUMCON. All three vessels will be part of the University-Oceanographic Laboratory System (UNOLS).

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