OSU Webcams – OSU Cascades - Pumice Mine Reclamation

map of OSU Cascades - Pumice Mine Reclamation

OSU-Cascades expansion website: https://osucascades.edu/campus-expansion

Work is underway to reclaim a former pumice mine so that the expansion of OSU-Cascades can continue. The camera looks west toward the deepest portion of the mine, where the bottom is approximately 100 ft. below the surrounding land. During the reclamation work, crews remove fill material in the mine, process it and replace it to create a structurally consistent material. Sheer cuts on the sides of the mine are re-sloped to improve access into the campus and provide material to raise the bottom of the mine to the final design elevation – as much as 40 ft. in places. Additionally, remediation of an adjacent demolition waste landfill – also owned by the University – yields clean soil and rock to be used as fill in the pumice mine. OSU-Cascades will expand onto the reclaimed mine with construction of a 50,000 sf academic building in 2020-2021 and additional buildings are planned.

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