OSU Webcams – RCRV Taani - Cam 2

RCRV Website: ceoas.oregonstate.edu/ships/rcrv

RV Taani’s Module 32 (Engine Room) is in upper left side of screen. The compartments visible in that module are the Engineering Control Room (ECR) on left side, running athwartship) and the Electrical Room which houses the Blue Drive +C Main switchboards and converters. The Electrical Room runs fore and aft on the Stbd side of Module. Module 91 (Stern section including Z-drives and propulsion motors) is in the lower half of the view. The Module 91 Shell stiffeners have been fit. The openings in the stiffener arrangement are for the Z-Drive "cans" which are 9' diameter tubes which house the Z-drives. The transom is on the left (aft) side of module. The Ocean Winch Room and Science Stores are on the forward end of the module.

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